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 So I plan to join the fandom more openly, and not just stalk ppl like i'm doing now. Keep you're fingers crossed. As soon as I figure out how to use this evil thing (read lj) and post better...this is really embarrassing. I think I'm gonna go find some poor person to help me.
Wish my luck!


 So I got a surprise shot of cash, and I was wondering if anybody is selling, or know somebody who is, golden ticket to the convention?

What's heavy on my heart

Do you sometimes have that feeling you just really want to kill someone. They're irritating you, driving you, literary, against the wall? Mostly it'd the same type of people, or their habits, or something about them. For me it's whinny people. No matter how much I normally like a person, the minute I hear this pitiful voice I see red. It's not like I don't understand that life is hard, difficult and bad in general, but seriously, since when whining helps?
So on one side we have me, in general raised to "suck it up" and "do something about it" because "time is money, and we don't have much of either anyway". Additionally I'm kind of strict (not admitting to be in general strict, cause really I know worse people than me) and may be considerate cold, as I'm not the type to show my deep feelings, unless I feel it's the right thing. I also don't have a smile plastered on my face 24/7. And I'm a nanny. Yeah I know. But somehow nobody yet complained about quality of my work.
On the other side we have my employer, in, I admit, not best life situation, that is really nice person. She just needs to get her shit together, in my personal opinion of course, and do what she think is right, with a side of doing something for herself. Which would be so much easier if she didn't raise her 18moths old to be a mama's boy. And here is where the problem starts. Since I came (2 weeks ago) I constantly here i'm too rough, too strict, I look at him like I'm irritated and she doesn't want her baby to be looked at like that and so on. In a whinny "I'm so poor damsel in distress" voice that may be a good technique but not for me. As it drives me crazy. So today's talk ("the irritated look" one) ended with me saying "well, your son seems perfectly fine with me, he acts like a good boy, and we're both happy (all true). And frankly, no matter how much I like you, I'm not going to change the way I am as I'm perfectly happy with myself". It all ended with her backing out. I swear she's scarred of me. And all would be fine (beside the part of me driven crazy) but the thing is I don't think she believes me her baby likes me. When we're together it's always about mommy and she can't do to bathroom without temper tantrum. Have i mentioned how much I like parents who spoil their children?
So it brings me to my big request. Parents! Remember when you raise your child, spoil him, making him, mostly, a whinny brat, another person is going to be at the receiving end of his treatment. Not to mention in few years he/she is going to be bullied without mercy, like every crybaby. Yes children have at some point anxiety and abandonment issues, but parents have them even more. Let your precious baby become a person, not only receiving end to your ever dying love.
Who knows how many more nannies will be saved a headache thanks do that.

First note

     So what exactly do you write in your first note anyway? Is there some kind of etiquette or something? Kill me, I don't know.
Maybe how I just moved to Boston and I'm in desperate need of friends. No, seriously. I need people around me, interesting, with opinions and hobbies. The type of people you can sit for 5 hours in Starbucks and not get bored. Besides that I'm not really picky. Still it seems my expectations are to high or i'm out of luck. Or both at the same time. Because probably while reading this not you'll go: but that's me! But think about it: how often did you meet, randomly, a person like that in a new place and you sit down and talk to them. Never happened to me.
So what to do? Of course I asked the almighty google, because I can't be the first person with that problem, right? Of course. Now, after reading all the advices, I went with the internet one (meetup.com) and going with the flow I found some Boston pages of shows I like (mostly Supernatural, because you can always count on Supernatural fans, been there done that) and now I have to sit thigh, I guess. Well maybe I can figure out where I can become a regular.
How do you like this plan? I had better ones in my life to be honest, but now is not the time to be picky. I'll let you now how it went.
Wish me luck, cause I sure as hell need it.



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